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Lorraine Demi Consulting can help make your writing easier, too …

Writing that Helps can help in whole or in part …

Lorraine Demi Consulting can prepare, outline, write or edit your proposals, white papers, newsletters, web content, blogs, or other writing projects — or we can do all of the above. But we can also help you with your own writing projects!

Now you have a NEW option — you can now buy drop-in documents to help write your proposals and other documents – so that your own writing projects might be a bit easier.MPj03876190000[1]

See below — free drop-in documents, for a limited time!

NEW ** Drop-in documents ** NEW

Drop-in proposal sections are pre-prepared documents that can be used as grant proposal sections, such as demographics and statistics for specific regions, needs assessments for specific target populations or interventions/methods/programs, overviews or support info for sections such as cultural competency, evaluation, etc.

Other Drop-in documents are pre-prepared documents on recent statistics, reports, current issues or studies, that can be used in your newsletter, blog, website, white papers, proposals, or myriad other documents.

Updates on drop-in documents will be posted on the Lorraine Demi Consulting Blog, so join now and never miss the updates to our statistics documents, new demographics as they’re released, or summaries of new studies and issues you can easily just drop into your documentsWriting that Helps you.

For a limited time, all Lorraine Demi Consulting Blog joiners will receive a free Lorraine Demi Consulting document: “How to Quickly Get What you Need from an RFP”!

The following tips and drop-in documents are ready, or coming soon, for you to buy and drop into your proposal or other project!

Contact us to buy!


  • How to Quickly Get What you Need from an RFP  **now available!**

Demographics, Statistics Drop-In Documents

  • U.S. Demographics and Statistics  **coming soon!**
  • California Demographics and Statistics  **coming soon!**
  • San Diego County Demographics and Statistics  **coming soon!**
  • Your Area, Your Field, Your Issue Demographics and Statistics  **coming soon!** …

New documents will reflect current clientele and blog membership so joining, commenting and working with Lorraine Demi Consulting moves your area/field/issue on to this list!


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