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Lorraine Demi Consulting can help you with the following writing, research, planning and document services … Writing the Helps:

MPj03139330000[1]Grantwriting, editing and planning

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) review (or other application request document) and summary — to help assess funding matches
  • Outline preparation — an outline of RFP requirements, formatted per the RFP, with list of all mandatory attachments and notes to writers – the skeleton of your proposal
  •  Planning– assistance in planning and strategizing the proposal, and even the programming or collaboration required
  • Proposal writing — narrative RFP response, with your input, ensuring RFP questions/sections are addressed completely with an eye to the RFP evaluation criterion, incorporating your edits and information in each draft
  • Editing – review of proposal or other document, paper, book, report, article, etc., written by you or by Lorraine Demi Consulting
  • Whole or partLorraine Demi Consulting can provide any of the above grantwriting services separately, or all of the above, for a complete grantwriting project. You can come here for the RFP summary and outline and then use that info to write your own proposal. You can do all of it yourself and come here for editing. Or, see below for a NEW option — you can also now buy drop-in documents to help write your proposal — statistics, demographics, needs statements, support documents, and more, so that writing your own proposal might be a bit easier.


Custom writing 

  • White papers — preparation of a document stating your agency stance on pertinent issues, including researching, writing and/or editing the narrative for these useful, influential documents
  • Research summary documents — research and summary of the statistics, demographics or support quotes that will help uphold your proposal, white paper, or other document
  • Newsletter articles– help you reach out to your clients, patients, students, audiences, constituents, staff, board, funders, supporters and community; reporting on your activities, current issues and studies that affect your work, or other communication for distribution
  • Web or blog content — help you succinctly share your mission, services, activities, news, and relevant information in electronic format.


Funding Research

  • Funding searches — research of current and upcoming funding opportunities specifically for your needs, including local, state, federal, public and private funding
  • Funding plans — summary of funding search, with accompanying deadline and award announcement calendar, and recommended steps; for use by you or Lorraine Demi Consulting in starting (or augmenting) a long-term grantwriting program.


NEW ** Drop-in documents ** NEW

  • Drop-in proposal sections– pre-prepared documents that can be used as grant proposal sections, such as demographics and statistics for specific regions, needs assessments for specific target populations or interventions/methods/ programs, overviews or support info for sections such as cultural competency, evaluation, etc. (with more under construction all the time!)
  • Other Drop-in documents– pre-prepared documents on recent statistics, reports, current issues or studies, that can be used in your newsletter, blog, website, white papers, proposals, or myriad other documents. (also with more under construction all the time!)
  • Updates to drop-in documents will be announced on the Lorraine Demi Consulting Blog, join here!
  • For a limited time, all Lorraine Demi Consulting Blog joiners will receive a free Lorraine Demi Consulting document: “How to Quickly Get What you Need from an RFP”!


And more

  • Other writing, research, editing and planning needsLorraine Demi Consulting can help you with many projects … go to the contact page and let’s chat about how Lorraine Demi Consulting can help you with Writing that Helps.


Lorraine Demi Consulting works from northern San Diego County, California, and serves clients across the U.S.


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